I live in Glasgow, the pulsing, grinding heart of the global comics scene, and I’ve been working as an indie creator for about three years, releasing mainly underground horror titles under the Year of Fear banner such as The Abortion, Yellow and Old Folks Home, all written by Jamie McMorrow. I also drew the Junkie Dad strip for Bad Press’ Wasted comic also written by McMorrow and Jules Boyle.

Since those though, I’ve moved to slightly more mainstream titles – ‘Good Cop Bad Cop’ by Jim Alexander is out now from Black Hearted Press, I’m in the forthcoming 215ink anthology with a strip called ‘Billy Stings the Hornet’ written by Fred Duran, and I’m currently working on ‘Taking Flight’, the debut title from Stephen Sutherland.

I’m also working on a top-secret new project with the Glasgow League of Writers (GLoW) that I can’t talk about or I’ll be killed (Lazarus, that’s all I can say…) and will soon be starting work on my very first graphic novel project, an all ages horror written by John Lees of ‘The Standard’ fame.

Expect to see me cropping up here and there this year in projects connected to Martin Eden’s ‘Spandex’ and Grant Springford’s ‘The Abnormals’, both of which I’m delighted to be working on.

Check out my work at http://garrymac.daportfolio.com or on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GarryMacArt. I’m also on Twitter, chatting shit on a semi-regular basis: https://twitter.com/#!/garrymacl, so feel free to say hi or something.

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