Introducing Andel Novak…

Who is Andel Novak? He’s effectively the lead character of Gonzo Cosmic, and he’s a billionaire entrepreneur from a Czech family, raised in Unthank City in an unnamed country that looks a lot like Scotland. At the beginning of the story, his company is just announcing that they’ve created the first working Faster Than Light space vehicle, and he’s basking in praise and amazement. Unfortunately, it’s all going to go very wrong for Novak due to an age-old rivalry with another businessman, Ira (pronounced EE-rah) Tappan, whose first attempt at something similar resulted in the worst space disaster since the space race began.

But through major disaster, Novak will realise something very powerful about himself and the world, that its growth is severely stunted by the old structures of capitalism, communism and religion. As the story reveals, many beings have been offered the same opportunity he is, but not everyone has his unique drive and vision to change things – a single-minded determination that will see him commit acts of atrocity in the name of the greater good. A man willing to do what is necessary, to have the blood on his hands and no one else’s, to deliver a future for Earth that is fit for everyone.

Gonzo Cosmic is concerned not only with how he gets this power to change, but also what he does with it afterwards…

He’s an inverted Reed Richards in my re-imagining of the Fantastic Four template – a genius, a businessman, and soon-to-be a powerhouse post-human, but someone who doesn’t think that dressing up in spandex and becoming a superhero will really cut it.

Preview of Andel Novak from Gonzo Cosmic page 5.



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