Gonzo Cosmic previews

I’m trying to get into the habit of using this blog again (I’ve been busy with Suddenly Something Really Interesting) so I’m going to start posting up some preview images of stuff I’m working on just now; primarily ‘Black Leaf’, the graphic novel I’m working on with John Lees, and ‘Gonzo Cosmic’, my first fully creator-owned series that I’m writing and drawing.

The first three pages of Gonzo are in the bag – page 1 and the pages 2 and 3 double page spread are below:

Page 1 of Gonzo Cosmic

Pages 2 and 3 of Gonzo Cosmic

I’m also working on a lovely new Cintiq 22HD, which is already transforming my work after only a few days. The first few pages were laid out digitally, and pencilled by hand, but the digital layout was messy and not exactly what I was looking for. For page 4, I’m dropping in perspective lines, using the path tool to set up other perspective grids, and layering varying degrees of detail over the rough thumbnail. Here’s a preview of that page:

Preview of Gonzo Cosmic Page 4


There’s obviously a lot of work still needing done here in terms of posing etc, but the basic layout is there. (Those perspective lines are for panel 4, and come from a tool Freddie Williams II created and distributed through his website.)

I’m considering trying to do final pencils digitally, if I can make it look natural enough, but if not, I’m going to do an almost-final layer that I can print in blueline and pencil by hand.


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