The Escher Girls

Fantastic post here about female over-sexualising in comics: that I found by checking out the equally fantastic Escher Girls Tumblr:

As an X-fan, it’s particularly bothered me that ninja Psylocke has a one-piece that would probably act as cheese wire in a fight, and even more so, that the grand and regal Storm would flounce around with big holes cut into her cossie.

The thing is, there’s nothing wrong with sexuality in comics. In fact, I’d argue that *story* wise, there’s not enough proper, adult sexuality. It’s just that it seems so out of context and not internally consistent to have warriors running around in this gear. Project: Rooftop consistently has great examples of artists who’ve designed super costumes from the ground up, and they *always* work better. Well worth checking it out.


P.S. X-Friday is delayed. I apologise for this (particularly to Jules…) but it’ll be here tomorrow, and it’ll be about Nation X, and it’ll be more positive than the last. Mostly 🙂


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