New Year New Resolve

I decided to begin 2012 with a series of new goals. I don’t want to call them “resolutions” because that word comes with all the baggage and cliche of failed resolutions. So, as I’ve done before, I’m calling them goals, things I want to achieve.

In the spirit of magic, I’ve broken them all down into achievable aims that will help me reach them. One of the biggest is to “draw a comic page a day”. This is part of my longer-term goal of getting paid work in comics, not back-end deals. In order to do that though, I’ve chosen a number of projects with “back-end deals” or profit-sharing, in one big push to improve my skills and get as much work out there as possible.

I’ve got some really interesting projects lined up, and so far, I’m sticking to my schedule. Sure, today is an example of a day I haven’t completed a page, but that’s because I’ve been in and out of bed with some bug. Even still, knowledge of my aim is still pushing me to thumbnail and sketch, even when a full page seems like too big a task. I learned a lot last year about failure to prioritise properly, and letting plans get away from me, and this year, the aims are about giving me more time in a sense, not less, even though I’ve set myself a bundle of them.

Anyway, here’s a page from Taking Flight, the first comic written by my new pal Stephen Sutherland. It’s a belter, and is my first proper shot at a superhero book, for which fact I’m both very grateful, and very excited. Here is is:

I managed to complete this page pretty quickly, and my entire process has speeded up. Instead of thumbnailing, then printing actual size, redrawing, scanning, bluelining and scanning again, which is the very long-winded process I started using, I’m now drawing the thumbnail at the edge of the Bristol board and drawing straight onto the page with blue pencil before adding finished pencils over the top. It’ll get blasted with ink outlines before it’s done, but that’s it. Quick and easy. There’s some looseness in here that bugs me a little, but I don’t want it to look too mechanical.

Hopefully the book will be finished pretty soon.

Other than the comic work, I’ve also set myself the task of doing at least one exercise a week, like the Whitechapel forum’s Remake/Remodel challenge, so I’ll post some of these up too.

I plan on updating the blog with some other bits and pieces in the next few days, including some reviews and things.



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